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Sticking to Sustainability: Transforming Food-Grade Packaging With Adhesive Solutions

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Henkel's Antiskid TECHNOMELT® Adhesive is Paving the Way for Sustainable Packaging Practices.

Did you know that it’s possible to reduce shrink wrap from skids and use adhesives to secure the load? This is exactly what Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® brand of hot melt adhesives has been doing for decades.

The global push for sustainable practices has started a transformation in the packaging industry, making companies reconsider traditional methods and seek alternatives. Adhesive solutions are a promising means to eliminate shrink wrap from skids, reducing plastic waste.

Henkel’s food-grade antiskid TECHNOMELT® adhesive offers an alternative to shrink wrap by securely adhering cardboard boxes or paper and plastic bags together. This solution addresses waste reduction such as slip sheets and stabilization layers, while introducing additional benefits to the packaging process.


  1. Repulpability: Henkel’s antiskid adhesive doesn’t impact the repulpability of paper in the recycling stream.
  2. Optimize pallet stability: By optimizing pallet stability, this reduces the risk of product damage, minimizing the likelihood of breakage during transportation, and ensuring the products reach their destination in optimal condition.
  3. FSSC 22000-certified: Henkel implemented FSSC 22000 as their hot melt adhesives management standard for products used in food and beverage packaging.
  4. Excellent thermostability: The glue performs well in both freezing and high heat temperatures.
  5. Reduces costs: Less raw material is required for packaging, and lighter packaging contributes to reduces shipping and transportation costs.
  6. Efficiency of the supply chain: This is faster and more efficient than traditional shrink wrap methods, less labor is required and the boxes on the skids are easier to separate.


As the push towards sustainability continues, companies are recognizing the benefits of adhesive solutions and their crucial role in reducing plastic waste and positively transforming the packaging industry.

Want to see this in action? View Henkel’s palletizing video here.

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