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Quadra is a North American chemical and ingredient distribution powerhouse. We partner with the world’s best suppliers to provide an extensive and innovative product portfolio. Our people set us apart from the rest, offering specialized services and dedicated teams committed to delivering your tailored solutions.

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The success of our Operations Team in the industry lies in strategic planning, precise execution, and an unwavering commitment to efficiency. With a robust focus on high seniority and minimal turnover, we cultivate a seasoned, dedicated workforce that brings stability and expertise to our operations, setting a remarkable standard in the industry. Join us in this journey of excellence, where your skills and aspirations align with a team dedicated to shaping the future of our industry.

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Our dynamic team of professionals forms the backbone of our growing business, providing strategic insights, unwavering expertise, and a collaborative spirit. Through their collective efforts, we navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and foster innovation, propelling the company’s expansion with a shared commitment to excellence and success. Join our team of professionals and be part of a vibrant environment where your skills contribute to the success of our business.  


Our commercial success is fueled by a strategic approach and a dedicated focused team. With precision targeting and customer-centric strategies, we’ve unlocked new opportunities and cultivated lasting partnerships. Join a team where your expertise can amplify this success, shaping the future of our dynamic and thriving commercial landscape. 

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‘‘ Working at Quadra has provided me with invaluable opportunities for professional growth. The leadership team actively encourages creativity and values each team member's unique contributions. This inclusive culture makes me feel integral to the organization, fostering a collaborative spirit that's truly unmatched, and reflecting our commitment to putting people first, so together we can reimagine the possibilities.  ’’ Alinda WangAccount Manager
‘‘ Quadra is an incredibly supportive and collaborative workplace that has allowed me to thrive daily. The team environment is second to none, and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand or offer feedback whenever needed. Thanks to this supportive environment, I have been able to grow both personally and professionally, and I look forward to continuing to do so in the years to come. ’’ Andrew TallasStrategic Account Manager
‘‘ Working for Quadra over the last 20 years has been an extraordinary experience. The Company's commitment to its core values, focus on employee development, supportive culture, and dedication to sustainability create an environment where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally. I am grateful to be part of such an exceptional organization that not only values its employees but also strives to make a positive impact within the communities we work in. ’’ Sunil Thomas Business Segment Manager
‘‘ Quadra entrusts its team members to have the company’s best interest at heart. Being part of Quadra has allowed me to grow professionally in an environment that fosters collaboration while using all the experience gained throughout my professional career. As an immigrant working mom, I find it tremendously encouraging that at Quadra, my voice as a minority is valued and respected, and it is very inspiring to work in a company led by women.  ’’ Andrea CamposBusiness Development Manager – Blending
‘‘ I have been with Quadra for a year and a half and am fortunate to have found a company that fosters my professional interests and ambitions. Being in the early stages of my career, continuous learning and a supportive work environment are something I value in an employer, and at Quadra, both are at the forefront of every day! ’’ Harriet KitchenSalesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist
‘‘ Working in the Digital Team at Quadra gives us the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we're lucky enough to be able to work in a team on a human scale, which facilitates exchanges and teamwork, and above all, we feel listened to and valued. Which is one of the company's fundamental values.  ’’ Andry RamarijaonaSoftware and Integration Developer Information Technology
‘‘ My journey at Quadra has been filled with many learning opportunities both personally and professionally. Thanks to the genuine kindness and unwavering support offered by everyone I’ve met along the way. It’s refreshing to know I joined a company where I am encouraged to be myself and have fun every day. ’’ Stacy ResendezCustomer Service Representative
‘‘ I'm grateful for a workplace where I feel supported, valued, and have the freedom to share ideas. As a Procurement Specialist Supervisor, the dedication, enthusiasm, and collaboration of my team make each day rewarding. I am proud to be part of the Quadra family. ’’ Chantal BergeronProcurement Specialist Supervisor
‘‘ Quadra creates a dynamic and fun working environment everyday! Being part of a team that values your skills and work ethic is the absolute best part of my role.  ’’ Jennifer TremblayQuality Audit Manager
‘‘ As one of the pioneers in the Quality department as a Quality Specialist, I appreciate Quadra for the company that embraces change and continuous improvement. Quadra values and recognizes my contributions. I have collaborative and fun coworkers. Work life balance is notable with hybrid work schedule. I will be 3 years in Quadra in April and hope to count more years and grow with this great company. ’’ Vilma Salon Quality Specialist

Our Commitments

Prioritizing the health, safety, and professional development of our employees by providing supportive work environments, competitive benefits, and ongoing training opportunities.

Fostering an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all employees regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or background.

Upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our dealings with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our operations to minimize our carbon footprint and preserve natural resources.

Striving for continuous improvement and innovation in our products, services, and processes to deliver the highest quality solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Actively engaging with and supporting the communities where we operate through philanthropic initiatives, volunteerism, and partnerships with local organizations.

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