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Jost Chemicals is an FDA-registered, FSSC 22000-certified cGMP manufacturer of high-purity specialty chemicals for pharmaceuticals, biotech, nutritional, food, and other markets. Their ability to customize products that meet USP/EP/ACS/FCC/GB and other customer-specific requirements has made them a global leader in quality.  For more than 35 years, Jost has ensured that every step of the process is controlled, meeting the highest levels of purity and lot-to-lot consistency. 

Ultra Pure: When You Need to Be Sure, Make it Ultra Pure 

While the USP, EP, and FCC have established limits for vagrant metals, Jost customers have applications requiring higher purity mineral salts.  They manufacture a line of Ultra Pure salts with impurity levels much lower than the USP/EP/FCC monographs.  With a maximum of 1 ppm for PB, As, and Cd and a maximum of 0.1 ppm for Hg, Ultra Pure products also meet European Regulations 231/2012 and the expected ICH and USP elemental impurity guidelines. 

Infant Pure 

Infant formulas are sophisticated milk-based foods for infants used as a substitute/complement for breast milk.  These formulations include various components such as essential minerals for the healthy development of infants.  Dedicated to a sensitive population (0 to 6 months) with their particular dietary needs, vulnerability to metal vagrants, and inability or difficulty to absorb several nutrients; the Baby Food market is highly regulated. Their new low chlorate line assists customers in complying with (EU) 2020/685. 

The new low chlorate Infant Pure product line is ideal for the fortification of infant and follow-on formulas. 

  • Ultra-low levels of chlorate/perchlorate 
  • Low levels of heavy metals 
  • Multicompendial: FCC/E number/GB 
  • Low aluminum  

Pharma Pure 

Jost offers high-purity chemical salts for both upstream and downstream processes in the biopharmaceutical industry.   

The Jost Pharma Pure line is a high purity, multi-compendial, and endotoxin tested. 

  • Multi-compendial 
  • Endotoxin tested 
  • Bioburden 
  • High purity 
  • In-house tested 
  • BSE/TSE free 
  • Consistent from lot to lot and meet all customer requirements 
  • Provide particle size options 
  • Custom product development and technical support 
  • Traceability from raw material to end product 

JOSTCOTE® Microencapsulated – Protect Your Particles…Just Encase 

Jost chemists are always innovating – always asking how they can do more for the markets they serve.  That’s why our scientists developed the JOSTCOTE® commercial line of microencapsulated high-purity mineral salts.  Our coating technology helps to mask the taste and odor of the active substance and minimize formulation component interaction that can result in finished product stability issues.  In addition, our microencapsulation provides flexibility in matrix coating options and superior particle size control to help enhance the mouthfeel and texture of the finished dosage form. 

There is an opportunity for microencapsulating any of our high purity USP/EP/FCC/JP/ACS grade products, making Jost your choice for the highest quality microencapsulated products in the marketplace.  As an added benefit to our customers, Jost will also microencapsulate high-quality ingredients outside our existing product line. 

Choose JOSTCOTE® products to: 

  • Enhance the finished dosage form 
  • Mask the taste and odor of the active substance 
  • Improve texture and mouthfeel 
  • Minimize instability due to component interaction 
  • Prevent degradation 
  • Extend shelf life 
  • Streamline the supply chain 
For more information about Jost’s product portfolio or if you need assistance perfecting your next formulation, our commercial, regulatory, quality, R&D, and formulation experts are ready to listen to your unique vision and find a tailored solution. 
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