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Essential minerals are inorganic compounds that play a vital role in human cells both physiologically and biochemically. Minerals are utilized by the body’s organ systems for growth, development, movement, energy production, fluid balance, immune function and metabolism. Essential minerals are divided into two main groups based on the concentration required for normal body function: macrominerals and trace minerals.  



Mineral Actives: The Key is in Reaction Completion 

The emphasis on health and nutrition has focused attention to products containing mineral actives. As the market for mineral products continues to grow and becomes more sophisticated, the need for good chemistry at the point of production becomes more apparent.  

The use of mineral salts containing unreacted compounds can lead to formulation stability problems and inaccurate ingredient declarations on the finished product. Further, unreacted components can cause additional issues such as during formulation processing, shelf-life and absorption post administration. The practice of substituting fully reacted mineral salts with partially reacted mineral blends can prevent the end-user from receiving the full benefits of the product due to the compromised functionality.  

Quadra supplies fully reacted, pure mineral salts that meet USP/EP/FCC monographs and are the true chemical entity, not a blend or mixture of components.  

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Dr. Nilesh Patankar, Head of Formulation & Innovation

Currently working at Quadra as Head of Formulation and Innovation. This is an industry liaison role through which Nilesh provide the required scientific, technical expertise and support to Quadra’s customers and suppliers. Before joining Quadra, Nilesh obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of British Columbia, Canada and have worked in the Pharmaceutical R&D and product development for over twelve years. Nilesh’s expertise includes end-to-end product development, scale-up and technology transfer for a variety of dosage forms. Nilesh possesses extensive knowledge of ingredients and their functionality in the finished products. Nilesh has six research articles published in high impact international journals with over one hundred citations.