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Tereos: Supplier of Pharmaceutical & Supplement Excipients & APIs

Get to Know Tereos 

As a pioneering force among Europe’s foremost producers of sugar, starch, and starch derivatives, Tereos has earned a distinguished reputation as a trusted provider of pharmaceutical and supplement excipients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Tereos processes plant-based and renewable raw materials, along with incorporating the best available technologies and manufacturing practices. Their commitment to excellence guarantees the utmost purity and meticulously controlled composition of their products, aligned with the strict standards of the industry. 

Explore Excipients 

Excipients are vital in formulating safe, effective, and high-quality drugs. Tereos assists in addressing specific challenges associated with each type of finished dosage form by offering high-purity excipients that provide additional functional and sensory benefits across various applications. 

In oral solid dosage forms like tablets, granules, or powder mixes, sucrose, starch, maltodextrins, powder polyols, and dextrose (glucose monohydrate) enhance the taste, appearance, and texture of the end products. For oral liquid dosage forms such as syrups, suspensions, and solutions, sucrose, glucose syrups, and liquid polyols facilitate the creation of both full-sugar and sugar-free products. These excipients also help adjust sweetness levels, and viscosity, and ensure uniform distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Sucrose, liquid, and powder polyols also play a significant role in the technological and sensory aspects of medicated confectionery like hard-boiled candies, pastilles, and chewing gums. 

A Unique Range of Sucrose & Starch-based Excipients for Many Applications 

  • Direct Compression 
  • Wet & Dry Granulation 
  • Powder Mixes 
  • Liquids Applications 
  • Hard-boiled Candies & Lozenges 
  • Gums & Pastilles 
  • Chewing Gums

Discover Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 

Tereos provides Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that meet the highest standards to ensure patient safety. These APIs are produced in cGMP-certified European facilities, adhering to rigorous quality standards, and regularly inspected by local health authorities. The Tereos API line includes dextrose (glucose monohydrate) suitable for use as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Meridex® and Meridex® PF (Pyrogen Free). Meridex® is intended for hemodialysis, while Meridex® PF is used in peritoneal dialysis, parenteral nutrition, and infusion solutions. 

In an industry as complex and dynamic as pharmaceuticals, having a reliable partner is essential for success. Tereos’ unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, makes them an ideal supplier partner for Quadra’s pharmaceutical customers seeking premium ingredients and collaborative solutions. 

For more information on the extensive range of Tereos’ excipient and API product lines for various application needs, reach out to Quadra’s team of technical experts today. 

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