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Sweet Baked Goods

Quadra is a North American chemical and ingredient distribution powerhouse. We partner with the world’s best suppliers to provide an extensive and innovative product portfolio. Our people set us apart from the rest, offering specialized services and dedicated teams committed to delivering your tailored solutions.

Delicious Ingredients to Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth

At Quadra we have everything you need to produce delectable and indulgent baked goods. Our vast array of quality functional and nutritional ingredients and blends, along with our strong technical team, will support the development of a great tasting sweet baked good with the texture, shelf life and cost position that you’re looking to achieve. Our team of technical experts is ready to assist you every step of the way, from concept development to product launch.​

Featured Solutions

Level Up with Leavening Agents
Plant-based Bakery Ingredients
Delicious Dairy Ingredients
Flavours to Elevate Taste
Natural Colours for Sweet Baked Goods
Reducing Sugar Without Sacrificing Taste

Access to a Dedicated Team of Blending Specialists

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