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Quadra is a North American chemical and ingredient distribution powerhouse. We partner with the world’s best suppliers to provide an extensive and innovative product portfolio. Our people set us apart from the rest, offering specialized services and dedicated teams committed to delivering your tailored solutions.

Innovative Indulgences: Creating the Future of Confectionery Delights

Whether you're looking to create a rich and indulgent chocolate, a fruity and chewy gummy, or a refreshing minty chewing gum, we have the perfect ingredient to meet your needs. ​As healthier alternatives rise in this industry, we also have solutions that highlight reduced or no added sugar, plant-based and more. Our dedicated experts can assist with your formulation and recommend products to help you find the sweet spot in this innovative sector.

Featured Solutions

Reduce Sugar Without Sacrificing Sweetness
Natural Colours for Confectionery
Plant-Based Gummies
Sustainable Cocoa for Confectionery
Unlocking the Power of Flavour
Delicious Dairy Ingredients
Smart Processing Aid Solutions
Functional Release Agents

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