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Exploring Givaudan Sense Colour’s Edible Colour Kits for Snacks & Confectionery

Experience a Colourful Revolution 

In the vibrant world of food, colour isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a powerful tool that influences our perception of taste and even our overall food experience. Givaudan Sense Colour, a global leader in providing natural colours for food and beverage applications has perfected the way their colours can reach food developers. Through their commitment to science and colour that is harvested from nature, Givaudan Sense Colour has been able to bring unique and vibrant colour solutions to food manufacturers and brands from a variety of markets.  

Unveiling a Palette of Possibilities 

From vibrant reds derived from fruits and vegetables to deep blues sourced from spirulina, each hue can tell a story of natural beauty and culinary innovation. With Givaudan’s dedication to innovation, they have released unique Colour Kits specific to certain applications. Within these kits, there is a beautiful array of simple label colours that work for your desired formulation.  

Each kit comprises a diverse range of colours derived from natural sources, meticulously selected and crafted to deliver both visual allure and food development excellence. Behind these vibrant hues lies a blend of artistry and scientific precision. Givaudan’s expertise in colour science helps to create a symphony of colours that captivate the senses. Through advanced techniques, Givaudan extracts and refines pigments from fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, ensuring not only striking colors but also a commitment to quality. 

Create Colourful Confections 

Are you looking to explore natural colours for confectionery applications such as gummies, boiled sweets, or chocolates? Givaudan offers a Colour Kit specific to confections.

Create Sensational Snacks 

Want to diversify your next snack product, whether that be sweet cereals, bars, crackers, biscuits, and more? Givaudan offers a Colour Kit specific to these applications. You’ll be all set to start your colourful journey with bold, new, or classic colours for your snacks or snack seasonings. 

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