Quadra is a North American chemical and ingredient distribution powerhouse. We partner with the world’s best suppliers to provide an extensive and innovative product portfolio. Our people set us apart from the rest, offering specialized services and dedicated teams committed to delivering your tailored solutions.

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Your Preferred Product & Tailored Refining Solutions

Quadra’s technical team have serviced the most complex, dynamic, and challenging refineries and LNG Facilities in downstream operations for over 30 years. From the coker unit to the utilities unit, to upgrading heavy crude, Quadra has become a leader in maximizing partner unit effectiveness and profitability safely. Available 24/7 to provide specialty chemicals, desiccants, and commodities throughout Canada with our nationwide infrastructure.

Featured Solutions

Utilities & Water Treatment​
Amine Treating, Sulphur Recovery & Merox
Hydroprocessing, Coker & Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)​
​Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) & Saturated Gases​ (Sats Gas)
​Isomerization & Reforming​
​Asphalt & Terminals​

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