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Emergency Delivery to a Shutdown Refinery

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Quadra delivers a 48-hour turnaround for truckloads of methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) to restart operations

‘‘ A Southern United States refinery faced an emergency shutdown for amine loss due to surge tank issues. The unit superintendent reached out to us for an emergency shipment of MDEA; we were able to get them two truckloads in 48 hours, helping operationalize their amine units quicker than expected, mitigating further economic loss for the customer. ’’ Technical Account Manager, Quadra

Establishing Value as a Vendor  

At the early stages of the business relationship, Quadra was introduced to a Southern United States refinery’s need for amines (MDEA). Technical Account Managers checked in during hurricane season, inquired about past year molecular sieve changeouts and anything else highlighted at the all-party introductory conference call. The request for quote (RFQ) for MDEA was awarded, although no orders for product or requests for onsite technical support came through. 

Rapid Amine Loss Does Not Do a Good Job of Cleaning Gas 

An amine system is complex with infrastructure vulnerable to degradation over time, impacting the overall functioning of the system. Regular maintenance and monitoring are crucial to minimize amine loss and ensure efficient amine unit operations. When Quadra received the call from the refinery’s unit superintendent, the day’s sample yielded 12%. The customer perceived the amine loss since deteriorated to 3-5%. Under 10%, the loss was not strong enough to be reclaimed. Quadra’s Technical Account Manager contacted an amine/water mix specialist to propose tank and waste disposal solutions to the customer. 

Quadra Supplies Truckloads of MDEA in 48 Hours 

Quadra’s logistic team managed to deliver two truckloads of MDEA in 48 hours at the customer’s request. One week later, Quadra’s Technical Account Manager received a text message for five more truckloads, totaling seven MDEA truckloads, delivered in two weeks, saving the refinery a big hit to revenue.  

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‘‘ Since the refineries' emergency shutdown, we have received several orders for more MDEA and inquiries into products for molecular sieves with a three-to-four-year anticipated timeframe that wasn’t previously in scope. After the shutdown, it became evident to me that our customer started to identify us as a reliable partner with the security of supply we provided at such short notice. That is unique to Quadra. We are able to pivot quickly to customer needs after building decade-long relationships with our exclusive and non-exclusive suppliers. ’’ Technical account manager, Quadra