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Enhancing Taste & Aesthetics: Color Kits by Givaudan Sense Color for Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

In the dynamic world of food innovation, the appeal of a product extends beyond just taste but to its visual presentation. With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the foods they consume, the demand for natural, vibrant, and visually enticing products is at an all-time high. In response to this demand, Givaudan Sense Color has introduced Color Kits with natural and caramel colors tailored specifically for dairy and dairy alternative products, including ice cream and frozen desserts. 

These Color Kits are meticulously crafted to infuse dairy and dairy alternative products with captivating hues derived from natural sources. Gone are the days of artificial coloring agents; Givaudan’s solution harnesses the power of nature to create stunning visual experiences. 

Coloring Dairy & Dairy Alternative Delights  

Recognizing the diverse wants of consumers, Givaudan’s Color Kits offer solutions tailored to enhance various dairy and dairy alternative products. Colors within these applications can be diverse, ranging from an array of natural and caramel colors. Natural sources such as spirulina, turmeric, annatto, beet, red radish, purple sweet potato and much more are all examples of color sources that can be used in either dairy or dairy alternative applications. Whether it’s velvety ice creams or indulgent frozen desserts, these Color Kits seamlessly elevate both the appearance and appeal of a final product. The versatility of these color solutions allows for endless possibilities, enabling food manufacturers to unleash their creativity and innovate with confidence.  

From gelato, ice cream, frozen desserts and much more, there are so many ways colors can elevate your next food cold project! Reach out to our color experts for more information on how this innovative tool can help transform your cold concoction before the summer months arrive. 

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