Celebrating Excellence: CIM Fellowship Award to Rob Piccolo

There are few honours as esteemed as the CIM Fellowship Award, a testament to years of commitment volunteering and expertise in the field of mining.

This year, we celebrate an individual whose contributions not only exemplify excellence in career, but also embody the spirit of humanitarianism through 25+ years of dedicated volunteering running Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) events in Western Canada.

A Remarkable Journey

Not only has Rob Piccolo achieved many professional milestones with Quadra, but he has also selflessly extended his knowledge and skillset to uplift students and the CIM community in Western Canada, gaining the respect and admiration of his colleagues and peers. Whether it’s mentoring aspiring professionals or spearheading the local CMP chapter conference, Rob has made a tangible difference with his ability to inspire, lead and serve.

A heartfelt congratulations, Rob on this well-deserved honour and milestone achievement!

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