Discover Quadra’s Supplier: Sigachi Industries

Get to Know Sigachi 

Sigachi is an industry leader in various markets, including pharma excipients, nutraceutical, and food ingredients. Since their incorporation in 1989, Sigachi has established themselves as one of the largest manufacturers of Microcrystalline Cellulose in the world. With their dedication to innovation and quality, Sigachi has been a dependable supplier of differentiated products that are currently not addressed in the market.  

From batch to batch, Sigachi has delivered products that are consistent in quality and customer requirements. With their strict quality measures, impeccable support, technical assistance and proactive communication, Quadra’s new partnership with Sigachi is a great example of how our teamwork can help achieve tailored solutions for your formulations. 

Explore Sigachi’s Product Portfolio 


Binders play a crucial role in holding together ingredients for any solid oral dosage from. Whether the manufacturing process requires wet or dry granulation, roller compaction or direct compression, Sigachi’s range of binders are perfect solutions to introduce into a solid oral dosage formulation. 

HiCelTM: Spray dried directly compressible form of Microcrystalline Cellulose 

This product is the most consistent brand in the Cellulose industry. Available in several grades depending on particle size, moisture content and bulk density. Some highlighted functionalities in Pharma applications include high dilution potential, high tablet hardness at low pressure, good flowability, lower tablet weight variation, and anti-adherent and inherent lubrication properties. 

AceCel®: Non-spray dried Microcrystalline Cellulose 

This grade is suited for wet granulation, roller compaction and spheronisation techniques. Based on your desired size and need, there are many products to choose from in this line from Sigachi. Based on the grade, some highlighted functions include good flow and high compressibility, low moisture content, higher bulk density, granular API compatibility. 

Super Disintegrants 

Sigachi’s range of super disintegrants can be used in tablet and capsule formulation. When in contact with water, these products promote rapid disintegration to primary particles and facilitates dissolution. 

Stargel®: Sodium starch glycolyte (SSG) 

This product is available in Type A, Type B and Type C variations for capsules and tablets based on specific formulation requirements. Some highlighted functions include strong swelling properties, effectiveness in non-soluble solution and direct compression and granulation techniques.  

HiLose™: Cross Carmellose Sodium (CCS) 

Some key functionality highlights include water wicking capabilities for volume expansion, enhanced stability, batch-to-batch consistency, and high porosity in uniform and consistent API loading. 


Quadra’s recent partnership with Sigachi Industries has brought specialty pharma and nutraceutical ingredients to a variety of customers across many industries such as pharma, supplements and veterinary. Our range of pharmaceutical excipients stand unique, delivering complete integrated success to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product manufacturers for oral drug delivery systems. For more information on the technical benefits and functionalities these products may have in your formulations, reach out to an expert from Quadra today. 

Explore Sigachi’s Product Portfolio