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Stearinerie Dubois: Esters & Emoliency

Stearinerie Dubois: 200 Years of Expertise 

Founded in 1820, Stearinerie Dubois entered the manufacturing industry as a manufacturer of steric acid and candles.  The family filed a 15-year patent for the invention of a candle-casting machine which would prove to be fortuitous and mark their place among stermakers and candle makers of the time.  Little did they know that the stearic candle would prove to be one of the major technological inventions of the 19th century.  Presently, Stearinerie Dubois manufactures over 150 sensorial and functional esters for use in personal care and cosmetics, food, health and functional specialties.  Their portfolio is full of bio-inspired and multifunctional ingredients which are natural and produced in an ethical and responsible manner.

Sensorial & Functional Esters 

Stearinerie Dubois’ portfolio of functional and sensorial esters imparts excellent emolliency and can be used in multiple Personal Care and Cosmetics applications such as colour cosmetics, skin care, hair care, sun care and hygiene and toiletries.  Offering a variety of innovative ingredients, Stearinerie Dubois gives formulators natural and environmentally friendly options that still impart sensorial elements.  For example, their alternatives to petrochemicals series feature DUB TOGEE, an alternative to Light Liquid Parrafin, DUB LAHE, an alternative to Isohexadecane, DUB SOGREEN, an alternative to Dimethicone and DUB OE HP, an alternative to Cyclopentasiloxane.

By focusing on the health and safety of their employees and the environment and ensuring a responsible supply chain, Stearinerie Dubois stays true to their humble beginnings while also providing natural and innovative products and services to an ever-changing landscape.

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