Joyvo: Multifunctional Manufacturer of High-Performance Personal Care Ingredients

Get to Know Joyvo 

Founded in 2006 and a member of the WeiKem group, Joyvo services the personal care market offering professional performance ingredients for skin care and hair care, as well as nutraceuticals.  Using innovation and an enthusiastic spirit, Joyvo utilizes technologies from fermentation, cationic modification, extraction, or cellulose etherification to provide insight and creative solutions for today’s challenges. 

Joyvo’s Mission: Formulating Beauty and Health 

Joyvo’s portfolio features ingredients manufactured using various manufacturing processes, including fermentation which features sodium hyaluronate (AquaJuve series), pullulan (DuoLux), and bifida ferment (Aginwhere series).  Joyvo’s fermentation process offers hi-purity, customized control on particle size and bulk density, and molecular weight combing.  These features become evident when looking at the AquaJuve series which provides the formulator the opportunity to work within their preferred narrow molecular weight and offer high-purity cosmetic actives.  

Vegan Innovations for a Beautiful Tomorrow 

Joyvo offers many manufacturing options that adhere to today’s consideration of animal health and wellness. Through their fermentation process, Joyvo offers vegan options for hyaluronic acid and other cosmetic actives.   

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