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Sustainable & Biobased Solutions for Personal Care Formulators

A History of Committing to Sustainability 

Born out of their long-standing corn wet milling heritage, Primient is focused on the future of plant based and renewable innovation. Founded as A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co. in Decatur, Illinois, then acquired in 1988 by leading global food and beverage solutions and ingredients provider Tate & Lyle, Primient is poised to lead the way as a manufacturer of ingredients made from plant-based, renewable sources. Their commitment to sustainability extends from the field, where their raw materials are 100% corn sourced with a sustainable agricultural program to the manufacturing site where their ingredients are readily biodegradable, derived natural ingredients and can be used at low and cold temperatures promoting energy savings.    

Texturlux© Personal Care Additives  

Due to their many functional classifications, Primient’s Texturlux® line of personal care additives offer solutions to key formulation challenges such as labelling, textural modification, processing and stabilization.  As thickeners and stabilizers, Texturlux® Rheo is perfect for skin creams, conditioners and glossy surface applications where Texturlux® Feel is perfect for gels and matte surfaces.  Look to Texturlux® Stabil for film forming and stabilizing properties while creating serums, lotions, hair fixatives and sunscreens whereas Texturlux ® Resist also offers absorbent and binder properties as well as foam enhancement properties.  Finally, Texturlux ® Hold provides extraordinary foam enhancement for sulfate free cleansers, facial cleansers. 

Learn how Texturlux® personal care additives can offer sustainable solutions.

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