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Discover JB Cocoa’s Range of Sweet Solutions

The Versatility of Cocoa-based Products

Through a strong focus on product quality and development, JB Cocoa has honed its capabilities to develop and customize cocoa-based ingredients to meet the varying and exacting requirements of a diversified customer base. Quadra and JB Cocoa’s relationship has been an ever-growing and lasting relationship built on providing customers with high quality cocoa-based products they can rely on to achieve their desired product development needs.

A Commitment to Sustainable Cocoa

JB Cocoa’s facilities are state-of-the-art, utilizing the latest technology in cocoa processing and designed to be energy efficient. JB Cocoa is committed to sustainable cocoa sourcing and manufacturing. Main areas of commitment include energy conservation, waste optimization, sustainable direct sourcing, and net zero carbon emission efforts. All these factors are directly related to why JB Cocoa has been such a great partner to Quadra. Along with these sustainability efforts, JB Cocoa has successfully received Fair Trade, non-GMO, and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

Explore JB Cocoa’s Cocoa Powder Line

Quadra offers powders of varying pH value, application, and fat content, and of varying colors and aromas that may be customized to customers’ specifications. Whether you are formulating a new decadent ice cream, chocolate bar or confection, baked good, or sweetened beverage, Quadra’s team of experts can guide you in choosing the perfect cocoa powder for your desired application. From a more natural color to light, medium, dark red, dark brown, or black alkalized cocoa powder, Quadra offers varying colors to suit your product development needs. Flavor can also be varied in this line of cocoa powder from more fruity notes to mild, full-rounded, intense, strong, or full-bodied flavor profiles.

Explore JB Cocoa’s Cocoa Butter Line

Quadra supplies a range of cocoa butter, a pure, stable fat produced from pressed cocoa beans. Its solid form allows for customization in different product development needs. Whether you are looking to produce a shelf-stable confection that will hold its own or a coating on a sweet baked good or bar, cocoa butter is a great solution to introduce into a formula. Quadra carries a variety of natural, deodorized, and degummed cocoa butter options to suit your specific formulation requirements.

Explore JB Cocoa’s Cocoa Mass Line

Cocoa mass is produced by carefully blending cocoa beans of different origins through a precise control of temperature and pressure. This solution is derived from a variety of origins around the world, from West African to Asian to South American. Cocoa Mass is often referred to as “Cocoa Liquor” as it is essentially chocolate at its purest, most natural state. Each type of cocoa mass product produces unique flavor profiles unique to their origin, from stronger cocoa flavor with low bitterness and low acidity, to milder chocolate and fruity notes with a bit of acidity, to a more balanced overall profile. Each type of cocoa mass is distinguished on its own and perfect for product development for a variety of sweet applications.

If learning about the variety of cocoa options from JB Cocoa is making you go “loco for cocoa” or if you want more information on a specific product line, reach out to Quadra’s team today for a more in-depth guide on choosing the right JB Cocoa solution for your product development needs!
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