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Tate & Lyle’s Artesa Chickpea Flour: Deep Dive

Functional Benefits with Superior Taste

Quadra Group is proud to partner with Tate & Lyle to bring you Artesa Chickpea Flour. This functional flour is perfect for various applications, from snacks, sweet baked goods, cookies, pizza, crackers, and many other extruded products such as cereals and pasta products. Using cutting-edge protein recovery and milling, Artesa Chickpea Flour is a Clean Label and is perfect for formulating. Its neutral taste and color profile to its small particle size and highly functional gelling properties make it a highly adaptable ingredient perfect for new product formulation. 

Pack Protein into Every Bite!

Chickpea flour is naturally high in protein, making it an ideal choice for those looking to formulate a product that specifically caters to the ever-growing consumer trend of increasing daily protein intake. Consumers are constantly looking for ways to incorporate protein into their diets, and brands are jumping on this opportunity. Artesa Chickpea Flour is a perfect source of clean, plant-based protein that provides nutritional fortification and diversifies protein source options for companies and brands to take advantage of.

Cut the Fat, Not the Taste!

Not only is Artesa Chickpea Flour clean label, gluten-free, grain-free, kosher, and non-GMO certified, but its functional properties allow it to only contain 1% fat. This low-fat percentage allows it to be lower in fat content than standard chickpea flour products currently on the market. This is an especially important nutritional fact that can help in gluten-free product formulations to help cut fat content that is normally prevalent. Artesa Chickpea Flour is also defatted, allowing it to have a reduced bean flavor, less rancidity, and staling that are otherwise prevalent in many other chickpea products. 

Not Looking for Just Flour?

Quadra also carries Artesa Chickpea Protein, which has unique functional properties that allow this ingredient to mimic that of dairy proteins. From dissolution, suspension, water and oil binding, lower viscosities, and enhanced emulsification, Artesa Chickpea Protein is a perfect component for formulating meat alternatives, dairy, beverages, dips, sauces, and dressing products. The high starch composition in Artesa Chickpea solutions gives the line a high degree of functionality in gelling, emulsification, and foaming properties. The separation of the protein from the flour allows it to have a lower protein content than other chickpea flours on the market, allowing the starch to be more prevalent due to the product’s protein separation

For more information on the Artesa Chickpea Flour and Protein lines, contact Quadra’s team of technical experts, who can help guide you through the formulation and product development process. Check out Tate & Lyle’s website for more background on their Artesa Chickpea products! 
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