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Enhancing Sugar Production: The Role of Chemical Support

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Explore the Role of Chemicals in Sugar Production, From pH Control to Removing Impurities

Chemicals play a crucial role in sugar production, from the cultivation of sugarcane and/or sugar beets, to the refinement of sugar crystals and syrups. One of the key chemicals used is lime or soda ash (calcium oxide/ calcium hydroxide, or sodium carbonate), which is added to the sugarcane juice to adjust its pH and precipitate impurities. Excess lime is typically precipitated by the addition of phosphoric acid. This process helps clarify the juice and improve the efficiency of subsequent purification steps.

As sugarcane matures, sulfur dioxide is essential. This chemical aids in bleaching the sugar crystals to achieve the familiar white color by eliminating impurities. Furthermore, sulfur dioxide acts as a preservative, extending the shelf life of sugar.

Enzymes and flocculants are also utilized in the clarification and filtration processes to enhance sugar extraction and purification efficiency. These chemicals facilitate the separation of sugar from the juice and the removal of any remaining solids. Quadra Group specializes in the supply of soda ash, phosphoric acid, DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and carbons (activated or charcoal) for these specific applications.

With Quadra’s strong presence in the food ingredients industry, we have extensive knowledge of sustainability, and food safe practices to ensure all remain compliant, and offer appropriate product certifications to align with your requirements. Reach out today to learn more or explore our product portfolio.

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