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Exploring the Versatility of KMC’s Potato Starch Line

Potato starch has long been a staple in various food applications, from thickening sauces to enhancing the texture of baked goods. Among the many suppliers of this essential ingredient, Quadra’s supplier KMC, stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation. KMC has been a leading player in the food ingredient industry for over 90 years. KMC sources its’ potato starch from high-quality potatoes cultivated in pure environments. Their dedication to quality starts at the root, quite literally. By carefully selecting premium potatoes, KMC ensures that their potato starch maintains a consistent and reliable quality that sets it apart from the competition. 

Get to Know KMC’s Product Line 

The CheeseMaker Line: The CheeseMaker range of potato-based modified starches allows for customized plant-based cheese textures. From functionality, texture, and desired melting conditions, KMC’s CheeseMaker line can help in your next formulation. Whether you are looking to create cheese blocks, shreds, hard cheese, white cheese, pizza cheese, or more, this line is the perfect solution to help with finalizing your product’s formulation. 

The Gelamyl Line: This range of modified potato starches provides easy access to unique textures for plant-based gummies or jelly confectionary products. Textures such as soft, hard, elastic, and brittle can all be achieved through KMC’s Gelamyl line of starches. These starches form gels that are clear, transparent, and have a neutral flavour profile, ensuring any colours and flavours used in a formulation are at the forefront and not overpowered.  

The ColdSwell Line: KMC’s strength in technology and innovation has allowed them to bring to market the ColdSwell line of starches. These native and modified starches are highly functional pregelatinized starches that can swell up in cold water. Through a spray-cooking process, the starch granules to remain intact, allowing them to swell and bind water with great efficiency. The ColdSwell line of starches are the perfect solution for your company’s food production and development requirements.  

Versatility of Potato Starch 


  • Perfect for Thickening Sauces: KMC’s potato starch excels in creating silky and smooth sauces. Its’ fine texture allows for easy dispersion, preventing lumps and ensuring a consistent thickness. Whether you’re making gravies, soups, or sauces, this potato starch is an ideal solution to achieving your desired results. 
  • Gluten-Free Baking: As the demand for gluten-free options continues to rise, KMC’s potato starch is a go-to ingredient in gluten-free baking. It adds lightness to baked goods, making them airy and moist. From cakes to cookies, incorporating potato starch into gluten-free formulations guarantees a delightful texture without compromising on taste. 
  • Enhancing Texture in Snack Foods: Snack foods often benefit from the unique properties of potato starch. Its ability to enhance crispiness makes it a preferred choice for coating snacks like potato chips and crackers. The result is a satisfying crunch that will keep consumers coming back for more. 
  • Stabilizing Dairy and Frozen Products: KMC’s potato starch is a natural stabilizer, making it ideal for use in dairy products and frozen desserts. It helps to prevent ice crystal formation in ice cream and adds a smooth, creamy texture to yogurts and puddings. 

Sustainability and Quality Assurance 

KMC’s sustainability commitment has established them as a company with a clear and circular business model. Harnessing potatoes, which have one of the lowest climate footprints among Danish crops, while committing to technological advancements, KMC has successfully replaced 34,773 tons of animal ingredients with potato-based alternatives. With their involvement in solar and wind projects along with responsible wastewater management, KMC promises to achieve their goal of being climate-neutral by 2050. 

KMC’s commitment to sustainability is reflected not only in its sourcing practices but also in itsrigorous quality control measures. The company employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every batch of potato starch meets the highest standards. This dedication to quality assurance provides brands and food manufacturers full confidence in the performance and reliability of KMC’s products. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of food ingredients, KMC’s potato starches stand alone for their unique properties and innovation. Potato starches are versatile, from thickening sauces to enhancing the texture of gluten-free baked goods, they are an indispensable tool in the hands of food scientists and food manufacturers alike.

For more information on which KMC potato product would be the right fit for your food application, reach out to Quadra’s team of experts! 
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