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Fireproofing Innovations: Protecting the CASE & Construction Industry

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Understand the role of flame-retardants and the latest advancements.

In the event of a fire, time is your most valuable asset! Fire retardants play a vital role in safeguarding lives, properties, and the environment against the destructive effects of fires. Whether in household items or construction settings, fire retardants act as silent protectors, limiting the fire’s advancement and allowing for safe evacuation and necessary actions.

Cimbar offers the latest alumina trihydrate (ATH) solutions in halogen-free flame retardants and smoke suppressants. ATH, a crucial additive in fire prevention, acts as a safe smoke suppressant that not only saves lives but also protects property. It offers a low-smoke, non-toxic option as a flame retardant. As a water vapor emitter at low temperatures, it aids in reducing smoke while providing flame and fire suppression, granting more time during emergencies. With excellent free-flow characteristics across various particle sizes, ATH has low oil absorption, enabling higher loading with minimal viscosity increase in numerous CASE and construction applications. These products can also undergo surface modification to enhance their performance.

With the development of many sealant products today, they are not just utilized for their barrier properties but are also increasingly required to offer fire protection.

Some of the product offerings for these specific applications are:

  • Huber: Silica free calcium carbonate
  • Cimbar: talc, barium sulphate, and ATH
  • Budenheim: intumescent technologies
Now is the time to consider how you formulate your flame-retardant products to protect the things that really matter. Explore the latest advancements in flame retardant technologies.

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