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Microbiota Friendly Ingredients for the Skin

Gobiotics Has a Clear Focus on Skin Microbiome 

Based in Holland, Gobiotics is an innovative Dutch company with a passionate and dedicated focus on the Skin Microbiome.  Gobiotics pride themselves on respect for nature by using only renewable vegetable sources for the manufacture of their ingredients as well as respect for the skin by protecting not only the skin barrier but the natural skin flora. Their natural and vegan ingredients are developed using innovative concepts while being scientifically supported.   

Signs of an Unbalanced Microbiome 

Skin Flora, or microbiome, is the ecosystem of trillions of microorganisms living on our skin’s surface which plays a large part in our health.  Healthy skin flora aids in fighting infections, healing wounds, controlling inflammation, and acts as a warning mechanism for the immune system.  Conversely, Dysbiosis, an unbalanced microbiome, is linked to certain health conditions such as Eczema (atopic dermatitis), Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea, and Wounds that don’t heal.  Gobiotics has dedicated many years to helping skin maintain a healthy, balanced microbiome.  Their ingredients can be applied to various conditions such as Biolin P for Diaper Rash and Intimate Care, PreBiulin AGA for Atopic skin and After-peeling treatments, and PreBiulin FOS for Cleansers and acne-prone skin.   

Natural and vegan, Gobiotics offers a variety of solutions for specific skin-related issues or overall skin healing with their universal Emulsifier Inutec SL1.  Dive into the world of Microbiome with us.

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