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The Fruitful Journey of Tree Top Ingredients

‘‘ Fruit has become one of the most popular vehicles for delivering a wide range of health benefits. Fruit is simply awesome goodness, providing a simple and healthful ingredient list for clean label solutions, and natural sweetness without added sugars for no/low-sugar solutions. Not to mention that fruit is an ingredient solution that provides texture, flavor, and a good-for-you health halo. ’’ Tree Top

At Tree Top, the best ingredients make the best fruit products. As a leader in processing fruit, Tree Top not only has products on grocery store shelves, but they also provide fruit ingredients to some of the world’s top food companies. 

The foundation of their business relies on harvesting fruit ingredients from over 1,000 grower-owner farms across the Northwest. Their fruit ingredients are grown in conditions that are perfect for consistent crops and that produce top quality fruit. Tree Top’s facilities are located close to farmers, allowing for constant monitoring of quality practices and conditions. 

Collaboration at the Core 

Tree Top’s fruit ingredients are placed in controlled-atmosphere storage conditions, from there, peeling and slicing machines work to modify fruit without bruising, uplifting the ingredient’s quality. Tree Top provides solutions based on your food project’s objectives. Whether your project is for cookies, sweet baked goods, bars, pastry fillings, snacks, or meat products, there are many ingredients available to enhance your specific application. From concept development to technical guidance, Tree Top and Quadra’s experts work together to find you a solution to best fit your food development needs. 

Explore Tree Top’s Product Lines 

With customer needs in mind, Tree Top’s portfolio ranges from format and consistency to nutritional fortification and functionality. Their portfolio includes dried fruits, fruit purees, concentrates, and preparations. Some notable ingredients include evaporated apples, low moisture apples and fruit powders, drum dried fruit, pumpkin powder, and single strength or concentrated fruit purees. Not only do they have a diverse range of formats to choose from, but their fruit offerings are also varied. From apples, apricots, berries, pears, plums and so much more, there are many fruit options to choose from. No matter your desired need, Tree Top’s diverse portfolio has got you covered on all fronts.  

Tree Top continually pushes the boundaries of fruit processing, exploring new ways to harvest the best fruit, preserve freshness, and maximize nutritional value in their fruit ingredients. From concentrates and purees to blends and specialty powders, Tree Top Ingredients offers a diverse portfolio of fruit ingredients, catering to the evolving needs of food manufacturers worldwide. 

Explore the diverse range of fruit ingredients from Tree Top! Reach out to a Quadra Team Member today to learn more and discover these fruitful ingredients. 
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