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The role of ​Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) in CASE & Construction

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PVOH has grown in popularity across various industries due to its biodegradability and sustainable features.

Polyvinyl alcohol, also known as PVA or PVOH, is a water-soluble biodegradable polymer which is used in many formulations for adhesives and sealants, coatings, waterproofing, construction cements, mortar, muds and more.

Acting as a crucial binder, it ranges from simple adhesive applications to complex formulations in coatings and construction. PVOH is an excellent choice for formulators seeking diverse molecular weight options when creating water-based systems. It boasts quick grabbing characteristics, exceptional wet-out properties, and rapid bonding capabilities to substrates. With a wide range of PVOH hydrolysis percentages available, end-users can choose from numerous options for applications where flexibility, solubility, bond strength and weatherability suits their specific end-product requirements. When resistance is critical to greases, oils and solvents, PVOH produces films that protect many materials and will adhere to both hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces.

The wide range of applications for this biodegradable polymer makes it a top choice for formulators in today’s competitive market.

Here are a few common applications of PVOH:
  • Adhesives and sealants: Key in water-based adhesives
  • Paper and paperboard: Coating agent to enhance paper strength and printability
  • Construction materials: Utilized in cement to improve capability and adhesion
  • Packaging: Applied in water-soluble films for packaging purposes
  • Laundry detergents: Dissolvable plastic used in many applications including laundry sheets and dishwasher pods
  • Agricultural products: Used for improving soil structure and a binder in fertilizer formulations
  • Other applications: water treatment, textiles, industrial cleaners and more
PVOH’s contributions across various sectors have resulted in efficient solutions, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Explore our PVOH solutions to find out more or contact our team.

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