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Unveiling the Future of Flavour: Tastepoint by IFF’s 2024 Flavour Predictions

As 2024 continues to fly, the food landscape continues to evolve, driven by shifting consumer preferences, emerging food trends, and advancements in flavour innovation. Tastepoint by IFF, a leader in creating flavours and taste solutions, prides themselves on staying ahead of the curve, anticipating the next big flavours that will captivate taste buds and inspire food and beverage experiences. With that in mind, let’s explore Tastepoint by IFF’s flavour predictions for 2024. 

Let’s Explore the Flavour of 2024 

Calamansi Craze: 

  • Explore the rising popularity of calamansi, a citrus fruit offering a sweet orange base with lemon-lime tartness. 
  • Applications: Frozen desserts, teas, confectionery, baked goods and coffee. 

Dandelion Delights: 

  • Highlights the resurgence of dandelions, known for their health benefits and unique taste, which is sweet and honeyed with floral notes. 
  • Applications: Incorporating dandelions in salads and sweets, aligning with the demand for botanical flavours and clean label ingredients. 

Mezcal Magic: 

  • Celebrate the Mezcal trend, known for its unique smoky flavour and complexity. 
  • Applications: Strong potential in frozen desserts, condiments, and confectionery, appealing to consumers appreciating traditional spirits with a modern twist. 

Aji Amarillo Appeal: 

  • Showcases the rising popularity of Aji Amarillo, a South American chili pepper with a vibrant taste as well as hints of tropical fruit. 
  • Applications: Recommend use in snacks, prepared meals, soups, cheese, charcuterie, and sweet goods for those seeking bold and spicy flavours. 

Mighty Black Sesame: 

  • Highlights the black sesame trend, known for its rich, nutty, and toasted flavour profile. 
  • Applications: Incorporation in savoury snacks, dips, nutritional bars, ice cream, pastries, and plant-based milk alternatives, catering to the growing interest in Asian-inspired flavours. 

Root Beer Resurgence: 

  • Explore the resurgence of root beer, a fizzy crowd-favourite with refreshing, spicy, minty, and bitter notes. 
  • Applications: Suggested use in specialty coffee creamer, snacks, chocolate, cereal, nutritional beverages, and frozen novelties. 

Saffron Sophistication: 

  • Explore the trend of saffron, renowned for its expensive price tag, bright color, and complex earthy-sweet flavour profile. 
  • Applications: Suggested use in sauces, and ice cream, offering a touch of luxury to culinary experiences. 

Spicy Maple Sensation: 

  • Introduce the phenomenon of spicy maple, pairing the classic sweetness with chili pepper heat. 
  • Applications: Can be used in various dishes, from chicken and waffles to cornbread, bacon, vegetables, and yoghurt. 

Beet Bliss: 

  • Explore the trend of brightly coloured vegetables, with beets taking the spotlight. 
  • Applications: Incorporation into sauces, dressings, snacks, bars, smoothies, frozen novelties, drinkable yoghurt, and desserts. 

Malt Resurgence: 

  • Discover the resurgence of malt, traditionally known for malted milkshakes and chocolate malt balls. 
  • Applications: Can be used to enhance flavour profile and ingredients in various categories, from pancakes to chocolate, coffee creamer, and more. 

In conclusion, Tastepoint by IFF’s flavour predictions for 2024 reflect a dynamic and ever-evolving culinary landscape driven by innovation and a desire for authentic and memorable taste experiences. Whether it’s global fusion flavours that celebrate cultural diversity, functional flavours that support health and wellness, or indulgent comfort flavours that provide a moment of taste bud nostalgia, Tastepoint by IFF is committed to helping food and beverage manufacturers bring these trends to life and delight consumers around the world.

For more information on these trending flavour predictions, speak to one of Quadra’s flavour experts to find out if your next product can reach new flavour levels. 

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