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Alternatives for Greaseproof Paper in Food Packaging

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How to Get Oil and Grease Resistance Without Fluorocarbon-Based Chemicals

It was recently mandated by regulators and environmental agencies in the United States and Europe that fluorocarbon-based chemicals containing perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) can no longer be used to impart oil and grease resistance to various grades of paper and board. A focused effort has been made by the pulp and paper industry to come up with innovative solutions that can help provide the same properties but without having to use the banned technology.

Quadra we have two different approaches to provide these properties, both relying on barrier-technologies:


  1. The first one involves the use of a specifically designed polyvinyl alcohol grade which, applied to the surface of the board or paper, will form a strong enough film that will provide a substantial level of oil and grease resistance. The product is applied in its liquid form to either a size press, a coating device, liquid application system or a water box at the calenders. We have the know-how to provide the best possible PVOH film to achieve a good level of grease resistance.
  2. The second approach is using a specialty modified starch, which used instead of the regular AP or enzyme-converted starch, or hydroxy-ethylated or oxidized starch, can provide significant levels of oil and grease resistance.


Whether you want to replace current fluorocarbon-based chemistry in your current greaseproof grade structure or if you wish to develop a new grade on your machine, we have the technology to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to learn about the right solution for you and explore our product portfolio.

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