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Discover Beneo’s Remy Line of Rice Ingredients

Extensive Portfolio of High-Quality Rice-Based Solutions 

Beneo’s range of rice ingredients includes a variety of flours, starches, proteins, and more to help in product development. No matter the desired function, Beneo’s Remy line consists of solutions that provide structure, functionality, and improved overall product quality for a variety of markets. Whether you are formulating easily digestible baby food to creamy soups, sauces, and dressings, there are many areas in which Beneo’s specialty rice ingredients can assist in elevating your product to a higher standard.  

The Many Benefits of Rice 

There are many benefits, both nutritionally and functionally, that rice ingredients can have in your next food product. Rice is a hypoallergenic alternative to dairy and gluten, making it a great source to adhere to allergen-label claims. Not only that, but rice can replace fat-like properties of low-fat foods while maintaining an indulgent mouthfeel. Rice is indeed great at texturizing various food applications as it is pleasant in mouthfeel and can improve crispiness, crunchiness, and creaminess in a variety of different food systems. Beneo’s line of rice ingredients are also Clean-label and non-GMO, making them great alternatives to food additives and a perfect example of natural whitening agents. Lastly, rice ingredients are perfect for fine-tuning your products with technical benefits such as freeze-thaw and acid stability, breakage reduction, and moisture control.  

Get to Know the Remy Line 

Beneo’s Remy line consists of a variety of different rice products, all formulated to perform differently in a product’s recipe. The Remy line includes rice flours, starches, and specialties (proteins, syrups, blends). All ingredients are designed to allow customization and optimal taste, texture, and nutritional value for new product formulations. The Remyflo (rice flour) line of ingredients comes in different sizes and qualities. Rice flour can be used to enhance snack crispiness and crunchiness and extend the shelf life of baked goods and cereals. It can also be used to enhance creaminess with qualities to mimic a fat-like mouthfeel. 

Beneo’s rice starches include the following: Remy, Remyline (waxy), Remy O (Organic), Remygel (modified), and Remypure (clean label for highly processed foods). These starches are also available in cook-up or instant forms for your specific needs. These rice starches allow you to customize the product qualities you wish to achieve with varying degrees of starch functionalities. Beneo’s starches are very small granules in size, which other starches such as corn and potato are not. This small size allows the starch granules to be similar in size to fat globules, making rice starches ideal for mimicking a full-bodied, fatty mouthfeel. This in turn provides a creamy mouthfeel for different food products. This small size also allows for smooth confectionary coating formulations. Due to their opaque white colour, rice ingredients are great alternatives to replacing Titanium Dioxide in formulations. 

Rice specialty ingredients (proteins, syrups, blends) can be used with the above products. Each specialty ingredient provides varying areas of functionality and technicality in a formulation. Proteins are great for incorporating a vegetable protein source of high nutritional value. Syrups are a great healthy alternative sweetening ingredient, especially for gluten-free products. Rice blends are great for incorporating flour, starch, and syrup with a protein type or other concentrate. These blends can be customizable and vary in product functionality. Along with the nutritional benefits, this line of ingredients can help with improving technological benefits such as the texture and nutritional composition of a variety of food products. 

Are you Looking to Explore Rice Ingredients? 

Quadra’s team of technical experts can assist in choosing the right ingredient from Beneo’s rice portfolio. From one food product to the next, rice can be a valuable addition to your next formulation. Contact one of Quadra’s team members today to learn more! 
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