Chemtrade’s Caustic Journey With Quadra

Chemtrade's Caustic Journey With Quadra 1401x942px

A Decade-Long Partnership Built on Trust

‘‘ Quadra is a key partner, they’re our main channel to market for oil and gas customers, making it easy for those customers to work with us because Quadra understands their unique requirements. ’’ Alex Nguyen Chemtrade, Senior Account Manager

In the world of chemical distribution, trust is the cornerstone of value. When a manufacturer partners with a distributor, both organizations approach the relationship with a shared vision to better service the customer and complement one another’s business model and approach to market strategy.  

Achieving a steady state flow of operations 

Quadra’s comprehensive geographical coverage network and on-time delivery of Chemtrade’s commodity chemical caustic soda prevent operational downtime due to inventory disruption for key customers. This is a win for oil and gas customers, Chemtrade, and Quadra. 

Chemtrade and Quadra are buying and selling large volumes of caustic soda manufactured at the Electrochem site in North Vancouver. Up to eight railcars a day are shipped to Quadra’s main terminal in Edmonton, Alberta. Quadra and Chemtrade work closely together to ensure customer shipments arrive on time, from packaging to delivery. By openly communicating potential challenges, both companies proactively work to mitigate risks to supply security and maintain a resilient distribution network.  

Transparency in timely market information and forecasting  

Quadra regularly contacts Chemtrade to discuss commodity market pricing, forecasting, and growth potential. A Quadra Product Manager, like Kim Day, is dedicated to researching industry-specific market information unique to the commodity or specialized chemical, anticipating seasonal shifts in demand, supply chain disruptions, and price fluctuations. This informs proactive inventory management, minimizing the risk of overstocking or shortages.  

Full-service capability and a cross-trained workforce 

Comprehensive solutions are a part of the package when partnering with Quadra. An in-house logistics team, third-party infrastructure support, and a technical team for any field troubleshooting contribute significantly to operational flexibility, efficiency, and overall organizational resilience.  

A cross-trained workforce can adapt swiftly to changing demands. For example, an employee with expertise in logistics is also trained in customer service, enabling them to handle inquiries, resolve issues, and contribute to a positive overall supplier and customer experience. Quadra Procurement Specialist Melanie Zizian works with Chemtrade’s North Vancouver logistics team to keep caustic inventory at the right levels throughout Quadra’s terminal network. Production Planner Chris Lang runs Quadra’s Edmonton terminal, receiving orders and coordinating shipments together with Chemtrade customer service representatives. His skills in inventory management assist with oversight in product handling. This versatility enhances overall productivity by minimizing downtown and optimizing resource allocation, allowing both Quadra and Chemtrade to remain competitive in the dynamic chemical manufacturing and distribution industry. 

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‘‘ What makes Chemtrade a great partner is that they’re local, their product quality is consistent and they’re always willing to dig in, roll up their sleeves and solve any issues that may come up. ’’ Kim Day Quadra Group, Product Manager - Energy