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Industry Connections Limits Cost of Customer’s Lost Fluid Due to Fire Tube Failure

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The Product Solidifies at Ambient Temperature. The Initial Plan Was to Dispose of the Product and Replace it With New Product.

Northwest of Edson, Alberta, a natural gas plant experienced a fire tube failure in its salt bath heater system. The product needed to be drained while the fire tube was being repaired; only the product solidifies at ambient temperature. The initial plan was to dispose of the product and replace it with a new one.   

A Quadra Account Manager was contacted and responded quickly with a referral to a vendor that held the fluid during the repair. When the work was completed, the saved fluid was refilled into the system, sparing the customer thousands of dollars in potential product loss.  

At Quadra, the depth of our industry connections means that when partnering with us, you do not have to spend time or energy researching plausible solutions on your own.  

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