Quadra Invited to Present On Hydrate Control and Freeze Protection

The technical presentation utilized real-time examples on how to calculate methanol injection rates based on the customer’s pipeline data and hydrate chart, as well as the customer’s internal simulation capabilities to predict hydrate formation and calculate methanol injection rates.

Quadra’s technical team was invited to participate in a key customer’s internal learning initiative, where various technical presentations are facilitated monthly by contracted vendors. Covering hydrate fundamentals, removal techniques, and the four primary hydrate prevention methods: line heaters, Methanol and associated products, dehydration with TEG, and dehydration via light hydrocarbon recovery (i.e. EG Refrigeration), the tailored presentation was broadcasted internally to production, engineering, and operations staff across North American offices.

Quadra offers robust process engineering and technical support services to customers, provided by dedicated technical specialists and gas processing experts that deliver additional value and have accounted for significant confirmed value savings amongst an extensive customer base. The combined tenure and experience of our technical experts in the oil and gas industry has allowed us to work with our supplier and customer partners in uncovering opportunities to reduce product consumption while increasing system reliability, helping to optimize processes, reduce losses, and system downtime.

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