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Saving 12 Hours of Extended Operational Downtime in 24 Hours

Quadra Supplies 24,000 Liters of MDEA in Less Than 24 Hours

On the Northern Bank of Peace River, Alberta, a natural gas plant was experiencing an unplanned shutdown due to product supply issues with the plant’s contracted chemical distributor. Friday afternoon entering a holiday long weekend, a Quadra account manager received a call from the plant foreman looking to secure 24,000 liters of 50% MDEA amine solution.  

Two separate tank trucks were flushed, cleaned, and dispatched in a two-step process. One tanker carried a load of 12,000 liters of Jefftreat MS-100, at 100% solution over 100 kms. 12,000 liters of make-up water was then loaded at the natural gas plant to produce a field blend solution of 24,000 liters of 50/50 Jefftreat MS-100 and water. The second batch was dispatched from Quadra’s Edmonton terminal and warehouse to load 12,000 liters of Jefftreat MS-100, at 100% solution to immediately replace what was borrowed from the other plant.  

Result: Savings of 12 Hours of Extended Operational Downtime 

Quadra was able to provide an innovative solution on short notice, sending a truck to a nearby sister plant Quadra also supplies to borrow inventory, while booking a backfill of fresh product from our Edmonton facility to replace what was borrowed from the sister plant. The new customer saved 12 hours of extended operational downtime with Quadra’s fast response time, local product availability and logistical response to an urgent situation, avoiding costly downtime and lost revenue. 

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